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Fast and reliable content management for busy software development teams.

Manage content anywhere with Jahuty.

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Use our rich text editor, real-time collaboration tools, and powerful template language to create a snippet of content.

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Use our open-source SDKs or well-documented API to render the snippet in your application.

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Your content loads on-demand and updates in real-time!

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Built by software developers.

We built Jahuty to solve a problem.

As a developer, updating content within the application often fell to me because my marketing team couldn't reach it. I built Jahuty to make life a little easier for all the software and product development teams out there struggling to manage content inside their application.
Jack Clayton, founder
Jack Clayton, founder

Trusted by software development teams.

Developers and marketers trust Jahuty to make their lives a little eaiser.

Morgan Krutz, developer
I used to feel frustrated when the marketing team wanted to see yet another content version in our app (they also did not appreciate my eye rolls). With Jahuty, I share a snippet's link, and they can update their content in real-time without me.
Morgan Krutz, developer

Manage content anywhere with Jahuty.

Not every application can fit into a CMS. With Jahuty, it doesn't have to!