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Create a snippet.

Use our online code editor to create an HTML snippet.

Install Jahuty.

Use your project's package manager to install one of our open-source SDKs.

Get your snippet.

Use our SDK to retrieve your snippet and output it into your document.

Try it!

Edit your snippet on the left and load your document on the right.

<div data-snippet-id="123">
    Old content :(

Choose your language.

Use Jahuty with the language of your choice or access our API directly.


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Feature is done, but content is late? That's why we built Jahuty.

I used to get interrupted frequently when the marketing team wanted to see their latest version live. With Jahuty, I just insert a container at the start of the project, update it throughout, and replace it at the end!
Morgan Krutz

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Turn any content into dynamic content with Jahuty.