Fast and reliable microcontent management for busy developers.

What is Jahuty?

We're like Wordpress for paragraphs.

Imagine you're developing an awesome new feature and it includes an important paragraph.

The marketing team wants their latest copy on dev, but they can't make changes to your application.

How do you avoid stopping development to deploy another content change?

Turn that paragraph into dynamic content with Jahuty!

How does it work?

We host content your team creates and provide tools to retrieve it.

Create a snippet.

Your team creates a snippet using our online code editor and template language.

Install Jahuty.

You install one of our open-source SDKs using your project's package manager.

Retrieve your snippet.

You use the SDK (or our API) to retrieve your snippet and output it in your page.

Choose your language.

Use Jahuty with the language of your choice or access our API directly.

Node.jsComing soon!

Trusted by developers.

We're developers ourselves, and we built Jahuty to make our lives easier.

I used to get interrupted frequently when the marketing team wanted to see their latest version live. With Jahuty, I just insert a container at the start of the project, update it throughout, and replace it at the end!

Stop deploying content changes.

Turn any content into dynamic content with Jahuty.