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May 1, 2019


Boulder, CO



Our story

We built Jahuty to help solve a problem.

As software developers, we found ourselves often frustrated by the same problem: content was never ready on time, or it was always changing. Because our marketing teams couldn't work within our legacy, MVC, or SPA applications, we always ended up waiting for content or deploying it over and over again.

Surely, we thought, there must be a better way. And, Jahuty was born!

By separating application development from content development, Jahuty makes it easy for developers and marketers to work independently, shipping better features faster and making everyone's life a little easier!

Our team

Over forty-five years of high-performance development experience at scale.

Jack Clayton, founder

Jack Clayton

Andy O'brien

Andy O'brien

Harry Wallin

Harry Wallin

Our name

Jahuty (ja-hooty) is a play on, Djehuty, an ancient Egyptian scribe.

Djehuty was one of the first Egpytian scribes and a general under an ancient Egyptian king.

When the city of Joppa rebelled against the king's authority, the king dispatched Djehuty to regain control. The city was impregnable, but Djehuty was crafty. He defeated the rebels by hiding his soliders in baskets and presenting the baskets to the city as tribute. The soldiers emerged at night; they unlocked the city gates; and, that was that.

What we do is slightly similar. We help developers sneak managed content into their applications like Djehuty snuck soliders into the city. Plus, naming our service after a smart and crafty general seemed like a good idea, and it's fun to say.


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