Turn any content into dynamic content with Jahuty!


Write code in our powerful and developer-friendly online code editor.


Use variables, functions, and control structures with our templating language.


Stay safe with strong authentication, sanitization, and more.


Use an SDK in your chosen language or access our API directly.


Retrieve your snippets in 50 milliseconds or less.


Replace a snippet with its content, and you're out. No lock in.

Manage content on your terms.

A typical content management system requires you to build your application inside it. This doesn't work for MVCs, SPAs, and legacy applications.

With Jahuty, you can manage content wherever it is, regardless of the stack or language. Not every application fits in a CMS. With Jahuty, it doesn't have to!

Release features faster.

Waiting on content to finish or deploying yet another copy version wastes precious cycle time.

By decoupling your content and feature development, Jahuty allows your developers and marketers to release changes independently, shipping better features faster!

Keep things simple.

There are plenty of complicated content solutions and expensive optimizers out there. Jahuty isn't one of them.

Jahuty helps developers and marketers work more efficiently by allowing them to work indepedently. When your content is ready, just paste it into the document and you're done!

Release features faster.

Decouple your content and application development with Jahuty.