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Content platform

Marketers create and update content snippets in our cloud-based platform.

Engineering tools

You install an SDK and call render() where the snippet's HTML should go.

Automatic updates

The snippet's HTML loads on-demand and in real-time without you.

# Render our system test snippet from the command line.
$ curl \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer kn2Kj5ijmT2pH6ZKqAQyNexUqKeRM4VG6DDgWN1lIcc"

# Outputs {"snippet_id":1,"content":"<p>This is my first snippet!</p>"}
// npm install jahuty --save

import Client from '@jahuty/jahuty';

const jahuty = new Client({
  apiKey: 'kn2Kj5ijmT2pH6ZKqAQyNexUqKeRM4VG6DDgWN1lIcc'

const render = await jahuty.snippets.render(1);

// Logs "<p>This is my first snippet!</p>"
// composer require jahuty/jahuty-php

$jahuty = new Jahuty\Client(

echo $jahuty->snippets->render(1);
// Prints "<p>This is my first snippet!</p>"
# gem install jahuty

jahuty =
  api_key: 'kn2Kj5ijmT2pH6ZKqAQyNexUqKeRM4VG6DDgWN1lIcc'

puts jahuty.snippets.render 1
# => "<p>This is my first snippet!</p>"
<!doctype html>
  <script src="" defer></script>
    window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {
      jahuty({ apiKey: 'kn2Kj5ijmT2pH6ZKqAQyNexUqKeRM4VG6DDgWN1lIcc' });
  <div data-snippet-id="1">
    <!-- Inserts "<p>This is my first snippet!</p>" -->


Content loads on-demand (or from cache) whenever you need it.


Our text editor produces clean, semantic source code.


Our template language supports variables, params, filters, and more.


No popular passwords, HTTPS-only, XSS protections, and more.


Retrieve your snippets in 100ms or less (or faster from cache).


A service is only as good as its docs, and we strive to be great!

Performance is key

Milliseconds matter, and we aim for 100ms or less. Our SDKs support persistent connections, persistent caching, and collection requests, allowing you to render and cache an entire website's snippets with a single network request.


This end-to-end speed test uses the Fetch API to send a render request over a persistent HTTP connection.

The right solution for your team

There are plenty of complicated solutions out there. Jahuty isn't one of them. We do one thing - content snippets - and we do them really well.

Content snippet manager
Headless CMS
Traditional CMS
Rich text editor
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Read API ×
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Trusted by developers

Engineers trust Jahuty to make their work a little easier.

Morgan Krutz, developer
It's a clever little software. I used to get frustrated when the marketing team wanted to see another content version. With Jahuty, they can update content in real-time without me, and I can keep working on other features.

Built by experience

We built Jahuty to solve a problem we've experienced.

Updating content within my company's application often fell to me because my marketing team couldn't reach it. I built Jahuty to make work a little easier for all the dev teams out there.
Jack Clayton, founder

No more coding content

Not everything fits in a CMS. With Jahuty, it doesn't have to!

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