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Jahuty is the fastest, easiest way for you to stop coding content in your websites and applications. No more marking up text from emails and documents. No more deploying content changes to production. No more staying up late for scheduled releases.

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Pull content into any stack

Content creators write content in our editor, and you render it with our SDKs or API.

# Render our system test snippet from the command line.
$ curl \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer kn2Kj5ijmT2pH6ZKqAQyNexUqKeRM4VG6DDgWN1lIcc"

# Outputs {"snippet_id":1,"content":"<p>This is my first snippet!</p>"}
// npm install jahuty --save

import Client from '@jahuty/jahuty';

const jahuty = new Client({
  apiKey: 'kn2Kj5ijmT2pH6ZKqAQyNexUqKeRM4VG6DDgWN1lIcc'

const render = await jahuty.snippets.render(1);

// Logs "<p>This is my first snippet!</p>"
// composer require jahuty/jahuty-php

$jahuty = new Jahuty\Client(

echo $jahuty->snippets->render(1);
// Prints "<p>This is my first snippet!</p>"
# gem install jahuty

jahuty =
  api_key: 'kn2Kj5ijmT2pH6ZKqAQyNexUqKeRM4VG6DDgWN1lIcc'

puts jahuty.snippets.render 1
# => "<p>This is my first snippet!</p>"
<!doctype html>
  <script src="" defer></script>
    window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {
      jahuty({ apiKey: 'kn2Kj5ijmT2pH6ZKqAQyNexUqKeRM4VG6DDgWN1lIcc' });
  <div data-snippet-id="1">
    <!-- Inserts "<p>This is my first snippet!</p>" -->

Partial views in the cloud

Snippets support variables, conditionals, filters, and more.


Content creators can include arbitrary variables in their snippet, which you can assign at render-time.

The sky is {{ color }}.
<!-- /snippets/1/render?params={"color":"blue"} -->
<p>The sky is blue.</p>


Content creators can follow different paths in their snippets with conditional statements like if, unless, or case.

{% if title == 'Awesome' %}
  This is an awesome title!
{% endif %}
<!-- /snippets/1/render?params={"title":"Awesome"} -->
<p>This is an awesome title!</p>


Content creators can apply filters - global, predefined functions like capitalize or prepend - that change the output of a variable.

{{ "world!" | capitalize | prepend: "Hello " }}
<p>Hello World!</p>

100 milliseconds or less


Snippet rendered over an existing HTTP connection using the Fetch API.

  • Client-side caching
  • Render collections
  • Persistent HTTP connections
  • Server-side caching

Security in depth

Account security like disallowing popular passwords, requiring a minimum level of entropy, and locking accounts after too many failed attempts.

Organization security like showing API keys once, expiring token-based invitations quickly, and notifying owners of important changes.

Platform security like requiring HTTPS, maintaining public repositories, encoding entities carefully, and updating dependencies automatically.

Morgan Krutz, developer
It's a clever little software. I used to get frustrated when the marketing team wanted to see another content version. With Jahuty, they can update content in real-time without me, and I can keep working on other features.
Updating content within my company's applications often fell to me because my marketing team couldn't reach it. I built Jahuty to make work a little easier for all the dev teams out there struggling to manage content in their applications.
Jack Clayton, founder

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