No more wasting time

Jahuty helps team members work independently and release features faster.

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Content platform

Marketers create and update content snippets in our cloud-based platform.

Engineering tools

Engineers make one-time, one-line changes to embed snippets in your website.

Automatic updates

When marketers publish changes to a snippet, your website updates automatically.

Maximize your team's flow

Your problem

Marketers can't edit content in your software products.

Your bandaid

Engineers edit the content, because they have access.

Our solution

Empower marketers to edit content in your products!

Release faster and reduce waste

Jahuty helps engineers and marketers release changes independently, reducing hidden costs like blocking and delays.

$15,000 per year

The salary your team spent blocked or underutilized.

300 hours per year

The hours more valuable features were delayed.

No more wasting time

Not everything fits in a CMS. With Jahuty, it doesn't have to!

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