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Jahuty helps you manage content in your products and websites without an engineer.

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Content platform

You write snippets of content in our cloud-based, collaborative platform.

Engineering tools

Engineers make one-time, one-line changes to embed snippets in your website.

Automatic updates

When you publish changes to a snippet, your website updates automatically.

Rich text editor with comments and suggestions
Real-time changes

See who's editing the content and view changes in real-time.


Add comments to share your thoughts and start a conversation.

Track changes

Gather suggestions from your team to help perfect your message.

Spelling and grammar

Catch spelling and grammar mistakes before they reach production.

Image handling

Add images then resize, caption, and align them.

Rich text editing

Format text then add headings, links, lists, blockquotes, and more.

Manage content anywhere

Once an engineer embeds a snippet, it updates on-demand and in real-time thereafter.

Home page with snippet

A lead paragraph

Modal window with snippet

A message to customers

Landing page with snippet

A landing page or article

A form's help text with snippet

A form's help text

A policy with snippet

A policy or legal agreement

No more awaiting dev

Not everything fits in a CMS. With Jahuty, it doesn't have to!

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