Why Jahuty? Focus facilitates mastery.

Managing content isn't a new problem, and there are lots of potential solutions out there. How is Jahuty any different? Our focus sets us apart.

A developer with his laptop

We are laser-focused on blocks of content

For developers, our blocks of content (aka, "snippets") are like partial views in the cloud. They render with one line of code; support variables, functions, conditionals, etc; and, accept data at render-time.


For content creators, our snippets are like small Google Docs. They support all the features content creators already use like comments, track changes, spell-check, and more.


Taken together, Jahuty is perfect for teams large enough to have a critical mass of content in their application and small enough not to warrant the complexity of a headless CMS.

Our focus precludes some features

  • You can't avoid a little engineering.
  • You can't generate a website.
  • You can't install a template or plug-in.
  • You can't create components.
  • You can't store arbitrary data.

If you need to use a "no-code" solution, to create a site from a template, or to crank out marketing sites and landing pages, other solutions are probably best.

Our focus sets us apart

We are an easy-to-use, specialized tool for cross-functional, small-to-medium-sized teams.


Our single-minded focus on content snippets allows us to create a simple integration platform for engineers and an intuitive editing experience for content creators. Try it! You can be writing and rendering snippets in a few minutes.

Specialized tool

We help software development teams manage chunks of content in their products. We aren't a central content repository, and we aren't going to replace your marketing site or blog.


Whenever someone is writing content and another person is coding it into a website or application, we can help them work together more efficiently.

Small-to-medium-sized teams

Our sweet spot is teams large enough to have a critical mass of content in their application impacting their productivity and small enough not to warrant the complexity or expense of a headless CMS or custom solution.

The right tool for your team

Content snippet manager
Headless CMS
Traditional CMS
Rich text editor
Read API
Open-source SDKs
Template language
Dynamic variables